You Can’t Go Home Again

slides (49)Once grown up, and having ventured out into the real world, “home” can never be the same again. The old place will never be “home” to you any more than any other place you live. Thomas Wolfe wrote about that in 1930 and it applies here in 2015, even to my blog. This domain has been my property since December of 2005, though I moved after a few years to and that has been where I have rolled in the mud with WordPress and online diary visions up to now. Riley Central has been a composite of feeds showcasing all my online projects from flickr to Tumblr.

After some issues with sites like not receiving my pingbacks, I decided the best way to fix it was to advance to the past, the domain that has been gathering dust for years. I tested pingbacks and they work without fail. I thought over switching my blog exploits here and immediately began to see all sorts of pre-existing benefits. The clearest benefit that you would understand is that all my online projects are already living here. I certainly will miss Damien at the Speed of Life but I always felt like the name was a little silly and self-aggrandizing. Riley Central sounds like a project page and also a blog. It’s a better banner to improve my writing under. To close this christening: I am Damien Riley and as always, thank you for being my reader. Below are some relevant links. You’ll get all new material here only. I don’t plan to migrate the old stuff to this blog. It will stay there for at least a year, maybe indefinitely.

Riley Central – blog and project site of Damien Riley – formerly “Damien at the Speed of Life”
Dear fans of Damien at the Speed of Life, please adjust your bookmarks. The new RSS feed is

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