Working on My Memoirs

This is a living document that is by no means completed. I am making a table of contents for my memoirs that will probably change and adapt as this project continues. It will ultimately end up as a book I will be giving away and selling, as the case merits. The titles below are all blog posts of mine I have handpicked for the memoirs. I just need to clean them up and string them together in a normal book rhythm. You can find all of them in their current state here at my blog:

Dollars to Donuts to Pizza Dough – My Time in the OC ,
Orange County, California – Introduction
Own the Storefront
Five Minutes to Closing
The Dana Point That Lives Forever in My Mind
It all Boils Down to a Cosmic Soup Kitchen
Being the Hope our Youth Needs,
A Lesson from Painting Brandon’s Room
Realizing Life is Short: What Will You Leave Behind?,
Be Great at What You Do Soap, Gum and Doing What You Love
Give in Love :: It Holds the World Together
Nacho Libre Wraps up Christmas as a Family Tradition
Prepare to Meet the Villain
Respect Other People’s Life as Art
Thrive in the Briar Patch
The “Willing to Work on it” Attitude
Accentuate the Positive
Plan to Go Big
Imagination Can Take You Far
We are Now Our Parents
The Coffee The Lunches The Dog The Baby The Blog
Parenting, Aging and 40
A Parenting Tip I Learned Tonight
The More You Learn, The Less You Know
Wrong Much?
The Many Reasons to Practice Relaxation
A Different Take on Failure
We All Could Use More Recognition
Be Simple, Be Understood
My Conclusions at 44
The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me

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