Wolf Blitzer Asks Tornado Victim if She Thanks the Lord (my commentary on this viral video)

There are many stages of life between 0 and 80. I have been religious at points in in my life and then not at others. For that reason, I don’t hold it against anyone for believing or not. This atheist inspires me, she takes on something that is not a universal but Christians treat as such. For example: When I hear people spout on and on about how they are blessed, it bothers me. Here’s why:

When someone says they are “blessed” with wealth they imply “God” has shown them preference or favor. On any given street in America you will find folks with horrible maladies like cancer or poverty. If you say one has been blessed, you have to logically believe that another has NOT been blessed. You might think this would make religious folk stop, it doesn’t. It is not “humble” to state one is blessed. I think this rings true whether one is a Christian or not. It’s ok to be thankful but I find this “blessed” language of the Christian subculture to be annoying and arrogant. Christians may disagree with me but I wanted to just get it out. Still, I wanted to get this thought out there. Below is a great video that says all this better than I ever could. The tornado in Oklahoma devastated so many people. This is a close look at one perspective that may not agree with Oklahoma’s religious majority. I greatly admire this young woman being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer. She risks be pigeon-holed for stating she is an atheist and not “blessed.” She has her own mind. I hope that for my kids. She is surprisingly more thoughtful of the other side and it is of her. You hear this in the final line. Your thoughts?

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