Life Goes on Without Me (or You)

I was reading an article on a psychology blog about relaxation and it got me thinking about what it’s like working at an elementary school. I get so “self-important” sometimes that it raises my blood pressure and makes me way more stressed than I ever needed to be. In so many situations at work, there is no need for concern. So many times I have micromanaged things only to cause even more trouble for all of us. This isn’t to say I’m inept as a leader. Rather, it is to say I become a much more effective leader when I step away and realize the world goes on without me.

Sarah had a friend who died a couple days ago. We have both been in shock. He died in a fire with his two boys. His wife was able to save their 10 year olds daughter and the two are recovering with major burns and injuries. Why do things like this happen? It’s the age-old question priests get. I know better than to ask. I think answer is God wants us to know we are not in control. Maybe He wanted that family with him and thats why He took them to heaven … whatever reason we come up with to be okay with it the fact remains that there are 3 less people in the world. 2 less kids to play outside until the streetlights come on. The dad was a cook at a great restaurant. Now, there’s be no #7’s prepared until a new guy gets trained. I’m sorry to be morbid but there’s a lesson for us teachers here.

Get over yourself

Remember in that movie “Dead Poet’s Society” when Robin Williams shows the boys the old pictures of the students who were all dead? That scene is kind of what this post is about. I think we should reember we aren’t pulling any strings in the universe of our school. We are replaceable. We are expendable. Getting away from the stress of work is good for us. It’s ironic how leaving ot all behind sometimes actually improves our contribution. So consider yourself less important than you do right now … I’ll do the same and let’s see what happens. I know it will be something very good.

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