The Constants of Good Blogs

letter cChange is a constant with me and blogging, anybody who knows my online work can attest to that. But through testing and trial error, I have learned some constants. When I determine one, I put it on all my blogs. When I started back in December of 2006, I had no clue what social media was or, for that matter, what pagerank or 777 “writeable” permissions meant as well.

Now, I know … well, more about blogging. Here are a few constants of good blogs I have noted:

First of all, I am keeping it simple. There was a point I used “Kubrick” on all three of my blogs at the time. I only altered the header photo. It was a dream as far as maintenance but I learned that was a bit too simple. I still have simple themes with minimal sidebar distraction.

Second, I am making my blogs readable and catchy. Minimum of 100 words a post and paragraphs broken up by subtitles in bold to keep the reader’s attention. I don’t always do this but I recognize my readers’ time is valuable and that I need to get on with my point.

Last, I am featuring companies and doing sponsored posts on my blogs. This is a new and real marketplace of our times. If you are making fun of it, you should stop and view it as a profession. It is not for “blogs that suck.” It takes a lot of work to get work from these companies. There are companies that pay you to blog.

Over the past two years I have doing well at adhering to my CAN Blog Stats System. It is going quite well and keeping me focused on what I know is important.

Can you think of a constant(s) of good blogging? Let us hear it in the comments.

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