Unavoidable Separation

Thank God we no longer live in times where the church forced women to stay in bad marriages. If my wife ever told be she felt our marriage was unhealthy for her, I would change myself to be what she needed. I’m still in love with her after 16 years. I suppose after trying a good long while, if she still felt bad, I would talk divorce. I’m hoping it never gets there! 

But this guy in the film “A Separation” seems quite willing to let his wife go. If I can’t respect my wife’s needs for vacations or even for moving out of the country, then maybe a real man lets her go? Just saying. No matter what the church says, there is a time when a couple can get to an “Unavoidable Divorce.” 

When this is decided, the kids come into the conversation and then every thing is likely to get messy. In this movie, at the end they ask the daughter to choose which parent to live with. The girl is only 11! Even though the kids may be a reason to stay together, I feel they should not be the only reason. A couple should be motivated toward one another and finding a possible solution.

I hope nothing happens to me like what happens in this movie. Men sometimes have very tough decisions to make and in this film we see a dad making them. I don’t think we should get too carried away accusing men under the #Metoo umbrella when men have feeling just like women. We need to help women not be victims but we should also think of #Metoo as a group some men can fall into. 

I acted the husband role this past weekend when Sarah and I celebrated our 16th anniversary. She has planned a lot of our trips and this time I tried my hand on it. There was some pressure because a year ago I planned “Ojai” and it was pretty but uneventful for sure. I wanted to do better by her ehis year so I chose Los Angeles.

We saw a play at Cal State Fullerton, ate fondue in Irvine, Ate a Havana in the Irvine Spectrum and it was all awesome. Sarah made the hotel arrangements in LA at the LOEWS hotel. It lets out right onto Hollywood Blvd. I had planned on the Planetarium but it didn’t work out. Read up on that place before attempting! CROWDED.

I’ll close this thought by saying men and women are equal and they should share roles as much as possible. I don’t need to hear about women’s rights, I’m a believer, but the word most definitely does. I’m happy the world is getting that important message. Now, take a look at this husband in this role. 

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