This Mop in The Backyard Cleans Up

IMG_6588I think it was at my job at Round Table pizza where I first encountered industrial cleaning supplies. I remember getting a yellow heavy duty plastic bucket on wheels and filling it with SCALDING hot water. I got it spilled on me a few times so I can attest to the heat. Some sort of cleaning solution was added and a huge sponge mop was inserted and the fun began. There was a satisfaction in seeing the red tile floor sanitized and dry. Pizza places have a lot of grease coming and going so industrial mops are a must. In the many years that would follow in other jobs, I would use industrial mops quite a bit. I trained a lot of people to use them as well. That’s why I can’t figure out why it took me about 35 years of life to buy one for my home.Now this one in the picture is used mostly by my son. Unlike me, he saw his parents have access to places like Costco and Smart and Final where they sell all the industrial supplies that were previously only available from a restaurant merchant catalog. When we first brought it home, I remember twisting the drenched mop and wringing it in the machinery. I showed my son how great I thought it was and he didn’t seem as excited. That’s probably because he was to be the primary wringer from then on. The tiny spong mops are a joke. I went through them for years both as a bachelor and married. The infomercial ones never last. Take it from me, an industrial strength mop and bucket is a must for every home.

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  1. A few years back, I went through something similar. I had enough of those silly foam “mops” and bought a real one, like you did. Boy, what a difference. I always wonder why people mess around with those little mops. Also, yeah – no one else ever seems as excited about stuff like this. I think it’s the utilitarian in us.

  2. Isn’t t neat we have such easy purchasing access to that kind of stuff? It pays to look around around even when you’re talking about about home cleaning supplies. We have a lot of great choices that weren’t around in the 80’s-90’s.

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