Think About What it’s Really For

Most the time on my job as a teacher I get the instant rewards of kids making me those ornately folded origami shapes that when opened say “Mr. Riley, you are the best teacher in the world.” I get stuff like that once in a while and it keeps my spirits high. Unfortunately, there are many other times when adults in my life let me down. When they treat each other (and me) poorly. Sometimes people around me are so immature it makes me want to just move to Berkeley and make money selling Herman Hesse books … of course, that is not an option. Drat.

I put those little notes from my students in a folder labeled “inspiration.” When I’m having a bummer day, I go through those notes and they remind me why I teach. They fill my spirit up. They remind me why I teach.

Whatever your job is, I am sure you can take the time to remember why you went into it. Our jobs will never be perfect but we can be an example of the way we want it to be. When no inspiration is coming from outside ourselves, we have to be “grown-ups” and find the strength within. Once we find it, we need to share it with others, even as hard as that may seem sometimes. Be the light of your life and remind others what it’s about.

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