Remember Those People Who Inspired You? Be Them.

Do you ever take the time to think back on your life and remember the people who have either inspired or helped you along the way It’s those people that have made your personality and success what it is today. I can remember in junior college wayyy back in 1993 I had a drawing instructor who really helped me out in my college experience. At the time I was in a band and playing clubs and parties on my off time. I would draw pictures of our equipment and stage as well as guitars. He gave me several good words that were nothing short of charitable! Nonetheless, he took the time to let me know I had something special to offer the world.

I have another memory of someone I work with standing up at a meeting and telling the room how grateful he was that I ran a talent show for the kids. That was a much needed encouragement and I will never forget it as long as I live.

If you run through your past, I am sure you can come up with a few if not dozens of memories like these. Let’s ask ourselves this question . . . is there anyone in our lives we could bring up these days You never know when the thing you say to someone will be like a landmark on their road of life and give them an eternal assurance that they have something important to offer that only they can give. My thoughts this morning . . .

(Written Jan 9, 2007)

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