The Greatest Tragedy is NOT

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death; the greatest tragedy takes place when our talents and capabilities are underutilized and allowed to rust while we are living.” AMMA

I added this quote to my crazy quotes page recently. It’s getting pretty serious there now, I have 40 that cycle through randomly. This new one just stuck out to me and begged to be shared.

Make sure you put effort forth to use your talents. In many cases people can make money doing that which empassions them. Work doesn’t have to feel like a dead end. I think this is an important quote so I wanted to give it its own post. I wish I could give you a set of talking watches that repeated over and over what a true tragedy is. Thanks for reading.

Your thoughts on this quote?

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  1. I completely agree with this quote, I often tell people and intend to instill the following in my two children. Life is learning what makes you happy and doing that. Doesn’t matter if its painting, music, arts, computers, or anything. Life is too short to spend it working in a job or field you don’t enjoy. Focus on what you really love and are truly good at, and you will have a more fulfilled life even if it isn’t a necessarily more financially beneficial one.

    I know too many people who have worked doing a job they hate for 30 years just because it paid well, now some of them are partially disabled from being old and wish they had done the things they truly loved.

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