The Gen Letter Monsters

“I bought the books, the records, and the politics. I gave all I had I was supposed to give and there were times when I felt like a human being.” -Mike Peters of The Alarm, “Majority

The-Alarm-The-Deceiver-216949That my friends is a kickass song. Few people know it because it was a B-side to a 45 of a now scattered post punk band of the 80’s called The Alarm. They were/are my favorite band. I chose this quote because to me it sums up social science propoganda like naming generations names so well.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Generation XYZ.”

gen-x-yJust like a traveling medicine show, generations come through the great timeline we are all on while we’re alive. Their appearance is different but their impact the same. Generation social science thinks it’s on the cutting edge with real answers but the human condition never changes and being labeled as a generation provides no real comfort or connection.

I want to sit down with more 90 year olds and talk about WWII. I want to have a beer with a Vietnam vet and see what he knows. I just watched “American Sniper” and learned that though the weapons have increased in tech, they still drift drop to the bottom of a bottomless lake when we get shot by them.

Hello? Are listening Gen Y? Gen Z? I’ll bet Gen X is more or less unaffected by Generation letters anymore. I wonder if Y and Z care much. I’d hope we get more open minded as the years progress. I know for almost certain there is no more place for Christianity. Any generation can deconstruct it now as ignorant. Many still use it to their ends but judging those who don’t isn’t Christ-like. Bee part of the human timeline that doesn’t behold itself. If the labels help, fine but seek to feel without the books, the records, and the politics. Only then should you attempt to label yourself or ever dare go to church. The answers lie within and we are the only night lights to keep away the gen letter monsters.

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