The Feeling You Missed Something Big

I’m almost 40 and there are all kinds of thoughts about that run through my mind in a given day. Did you ever wonder if you missed out on something big? Opportunity can be a shifty thing and when I reflect on my life up to now I see places where maybe I missed something. My dad says it’s “superstitious” to say what-if in these moments. I admire him for being able to do so. I seem to be asking what-if a lot lately. And my passion for blogging has even waned a bit. I mean once I turn 40 in June, how long should I expect to keep doing it? ten years? Are there 50 year old+ bloggers? I assume so.

All this is probably just negativity. I enjoy blogging and it is so cool to look back years ago and see what I was thinking, my impressions on life. I’m starting to make some ok money at it as well so this is hardly the time to get negative. Some of my blog friends and I (Hi Justin) still dream of hiring moving services one day to upgrade into our blogging mansions … but until them we are content doing what we do now for the money we are making.

I just wanted you to know I am not gung ho 24/7 about blogging so much. We get a total of about 80 years of life on this planet and it’s important to spend the majority of them away from the computer … in my opinion.

What do you think? Has your computer time ever made you think you missed something big?

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  1. I feel like I should have been a writer or novelist and been the next Stephen King honestly. But seriously, my passion for blogging hasn’t waned, but my excitement and enthusiasm when I first started has now taken a more sensible turn. Instead of spending 30 hours a week blogging I am down to like 15.

    Slow and steady is the course if you burn too hot you will burn out too fast.

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