The Fashion of Let it Be

556300_10151336483870673_942760525_nIf some people dress business formal, others must must dress pleasure informal, that would be my category. I’m lucky to be a teacher because we can be as formal as we want or more on the relaxed side in a given week. I teach 10 year olds so sometimes I get down and roll in the mud so-to-speak on the playground, during PE, and other daily routine events that can get dirty. For that reason, I usually dress fairly casual at work. I don’t have too many preferences but I have learned cotton fits me best. A 50/50 knit shirt is itchy so I will usually buy the 100% cotton. When I do shop, which isn’t often and usually every Summer, I like Old Navy, Kohl’s, Marshall’s, Ross, and those stores that have good bargains made of cotton in a quality way. I like Dockers and Levis or other brands similar to those. I’m not huge on name-brands per se but I have found in my 45 years that cheaper doesn’t mean better. I’ve had the cheap stuff fall apart on me after less than a year. In the Winter months, I’ve come to enjoy a good cotton v-neck sweater with a white T underneath. That’s probably my favorite Winter outfit. I wear Skechers or Doc Martens as m shoes and occasionally I’ll wear my running shoes to work or out for a casual date etc. My wife buys most all my clothes these days and I like that. I’m somewhat colorblind so I appreciate her healthy globes 🙂

292046_10150341925935673_2455589_nI think my clothing says a lot about me. I make a fashion statement by just being casual and teaching. I am passionate about my job and the clothes are just the accessory to that. I think when you are into what you do, clothes are an afterthought. I doubt people will remember what I wore when I taught or blogged or played guitar because I am just being passionate about something. It reminds me of that scene in Forrest Gump when he is running and all the hip magazines are out there doing stories on his shoes and his running clothes. He’s just RUNNING. People may even start to mimic him because he doesn’t care about his clothes. I hate people who are self-conscious. I shaved my head around age 30 to dispense with the trepidation of losing my hair. I’ve shaved it now for over 15 years, I think it looks nice, and it frees me up to teach and follow my passions. No matter the clothes, people flock to passion like moths to a lightbulb. Relaxation is also important to me. I say if clothes make you stressed, they’re not for you.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man.”

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