The Damien Riley Podcast: S02 E02 – ‘Why I Have a Million Blogs?’

  Since I began blogging,

or self-publishing my writing and media to the internet, I’ve always maintained more than one blog. My blogs are like books and chapters of my life. When I look around at other bloggers’ sidebars, I see there are many other people out there who do the same. Then, of course, there are those with one blog. It’s all they say they’ll ever need. bloggingatozI think I wish it were that easy but I will tell you there are advantages to be had from maintaining multiple blogs. (No, it was just tongue in cheek I don’t have a million) In this podcast episode, I’m going to tell you a few of the advantages I have found, then you can decide if maintaining multiple blogs is worth exploring.
For posterity, this is:

The Damien Riley Podcast: ‘Why I Have a Million Blogs?’ – Season 2 Episode 2

Now that we have that out of the way, onto the episode.

brother_wp-3400I have 4 separate WordPress blogs, or “installs” as we call them. Of those 4, three have their own domains. One is a free-hosted blog on I should probably explain quickly what “free hosted” and “self hosted” mean. It’s as simple as this: free-hosted blogs are offered quickly and have really long urls. The owner of the disk where your blog content lives can put restrictions on you. At the same time, they usually have a help area if something goes wrong which you sometimes can’t find if you are using your own server for a “self hosted” blog.

Three of my blogs are self-hosted

so I can tweak them, get plugins, and even put ads on them if I choose to. It’s a much more open source system that you can tweak to have excellent SEO, and this get more visitors/fans.

Ok, so now that I have explained that a bit, let’s look at the value (to me) of maintaining my 4 separate blogs.

  • Riley on Film – My movie reviews and discussion of all things film.
    I started this blog and purchased a domain because I found that my movie critic friends prefer to visit and comment on blogs that feature one thing: movie reviews. Specifically, I wanted to be included in some exclusively online groups like LAMB and part of their requirement for acceptance is that the blog be exclusively about movie reviews. I have since learned that a “movie friendly” title and url looks good to promoters and can get you retweets and mentions. This kind of exclusive branding can’t exist on a general or personal blog. Sometimes, you have to branch off to set yourself as a sub-brand or you’ll be ignored.
  • Damien at the Speed of Life – My online diary powered by experiences, writing prompts, and photos.
    Interesting story on this one. This was one of my first really serious domains. I committed myself to developing an “online diary.” It worked out well and I connected with many casual bloggers doing the same thing. Unfortunately, most people in this camp were on free hosted blogs and didn’t understand or respect my ads, my sponsored posts, even my experiments with podcasting. As a result, visits dropped over time. I felt like a big fish in a little pond and an island disconnected from other coasts. Now, I have Riley Central for my experimenting. This blog DATSOL as I call it in my notes is devoted to my diary and writing prompts as well as memes I run across that look interesting. Now I have a look similar to the online diarists and personal bloggers I interact with.
  • Dynamite Lesson Plan – As a teacher, I have always kept a teaching diary that includes opinions, editorials, methods, and conversation on all things education k6 and beyond.
    This is simply a teaching diary where I publish my findings from the field. To date, I have sold more advertising on this site than any other. It’s not always easy to get motivated to write on this one. The more money I make (this month $140) the more motivated I get but I have considered letting this one go a few times.
  • Riley Central – YOU ARE HERE: Where all my stuff comes together, including ‘The Damien Riley Podcast.‘ This is my central space where all my online stuff comes together. I have syndication set up through a plugin that pipes in everything I publish on all my blogs. It’s a concept I am proud of, it’s like a home page. In theory, one could follow everything I do by following the RSS feed on Riley Central.


Closing statement: I hope you understand a little more why I have multiple blogs now. It is very time-consuming but has been worth it to me. Perhaps you might try it if you have some of the same desires.

Announcements: I want to give a shout out to Darren Lucas. We’ve been tinkering with a podcast called Talking Stars. It’s still in its early stages so I’m not posting a link just yet.  That work encouraged me to revive my own podcast. Darren is a great podcast speaker as well as movie reviewer. You can find him at:

Movie Reviews 101 –

Twitter – @newguyreview101

Facebook –

To quote Darren at the end of a recording session: “And we are out!”

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