The 24 Hour Rule

I have learned this lesson once again, that most of life’s bummers work themselves out in 24 hours or less. Therefore I have come to this conclusion: I will put worries on the back burner for 24 hours before I start to stress and worry about them. Let me explain:

A few years ago my wife was supposed to receive a check. It was to be a substantial amount (by our standards) and we were depending on it to pay some bills that remained after the first as well as for food and miscellaneous expenses the rest of the month. To make a long story short they told her the time card was never turned in and the person responsible was at a conference for three days. This did not make us happy. We left messages for a few people and then began to scowl in our reality that we wouldn’t be paid until the following month. It was definitely a “bummer” evening in our house that day.

But what a difference a day can make!

You should never let bad times make you feel like wearing a hernia brace. The next day, my wife received a call apologizing for the glitch in the system and her employer cut her a check right there on the spot. The end result? We got our money and everything was as it was before “the dark times.”

The reason I am sharing this is not to say we should never stress over things. If we hadn’t stressed a little, we wouldn’t have contacted anyone to get it resolved. What I am saying is that problems have a way of working themselves out on their own so you’d do well to put a time limit on these issues before you get bothered about them. 24 hours is a nice number, it gives the people involved a chance to sleep and the workday to roll over once. The next time I have an issue like this, I will try and practice what I preach!

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