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How to taper down to a peaceful night after work.

The first thought that entered my mind when I read the writing prompt “Taper” was the idea of slowing down after a hard work day. Work uses the fight of flight state of mind to get its work done. We blame and often don’t even personalize the people we work with. It’s so important to take a bit of time to collect oneself after the work day and prepare ones mind for family needs. Getting the two mindsets mixed is not a good idea. You may find yourself agitating and upsetting your family unless you take the time to relax and disconnect from work. I guess the million dollar question is how? Here are a few ideas. Read these and their full descriptions at tinypulse:

1. Go for a walk

2. Paint

3. Turn your screens off

4. Cook a great meal

5. Go out for dinner

6. Watch comedies or funny videos

7. Listen to music

Writing Prompt Source: Taper | The Daily Post

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