Take the Time to Encourage Someone

We all have dreams, some big some small, all important to us. People around you, be they your boss or co-worker, friend, or family member, have dreams and we all need encouragement. I just saw a hilarious movie called “Couples Retreat” in which a masseuse goes up to everyone squeezing there derriere and saying: “encouragement.” It is very funny and it “works” because people actually might even let someone grab their butt if it actually gave them some. All the fitness equipment in the world can’t build the encouragement muscle like the words of someone else.

There are times in our lives when we need encouragement toward our dreams. Be sensitive to the hopes and dreams of those around you and be ready and willing to encourage them to get there. The way you do it will depend on you and your “style.” In the past, I have tried to encourage people in my life through gift cards, a pat on the back, or even just a thumbs up from across the room. Encouragement comes in many forms. The most important ingredient is caring.

What’s in it for you? You might ask. Well, maybe nothing. Probably though you will feel good about helping someone to get what they want. We spend so much time in today’s society looking out for ourselves, it can only be good for us to think of someone else, for no reason, for a change.

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