Turkish Coffee

This post is from a series here called Coffee Vocab Tuesdays

Okay, so I went into my favorite Starbucks this morning and had a new adventure in caffeine. I joked in “Coffee Vocab pt. I” about how I usually say: “If I can’t chew it, it’s not coffee.” Well, I kid you not, the guy in front of me literally meant that when he ordered something called “Turkish Coffee.” In a 10 minute wait, I learned a new term, and got a new drink!!!

I’m such a line eavesdropper. That’s one reason I don’t mind waiting in them. I usually opt out of the fast pass at Disneyland, because to me waiting in line is part of the ride: based on the STUFF YOU HEAR! Anyway, at Starbucks, the guy was Middle-Eastern and spoke with a heavy accent. The girl didn’t seem familiar with it. Poor thing, she was really cute too. She showed wisdom when she asked a fellow barista for some help in preparing it correctly. Another came over, guided her through a series of steps which I watched in dumfounded amusement. Finally, with trepidation she gave him the strange concoction. He drank it with questioning relish and said: “That’s good, I can almost chew it!” I was in shock. It was my clever line! Yet it wasn’t clever, it was APPLICABLE!

I of course had to break with my routine order of a mild-coffee-of-the-day black with no room for cream to get a TURKISH COFFEE! Have you ever had one? If you have, you know that there is indeed a coffee drink out there in the repertoire of drinks that indeed . . . is chewable.

I need a new line now that mine is no longer outrageous . . . any suggestions? I like to make the baristas laugh. Can’t fail to please ya know?

Coffee Vocab

This post is from a series here I did a while back called Coffee Vocab

Serving me a simple cup of coffee is no picnic. I have drank black coffee since I was 22 (I don’t know why but lately I feel this inner need to articlulate to strangers just how old I am. It certainly isn’t to brag, my birtrhday is in June, and I am no spring chicken. – I was born in the last year of the 1960’s there, is that less tacky?) Anyway, I got a Starbucks this morning. Same thing as always . . . Hot Coffee type barista hottie says: “Can I help you?” I reply: Continue reading “Coffee Vocab”