Toxic thinking can be when you dwell on things you have no control over for too long and perhaps too many times a day.

The trouble is that being responsible sometimes require you to have these thoughts so you can solve your problems. You can’t just become a complete hippie, ignoring these thoughts. To an extent they must be dealt with. For me the toxic point is when it starts to bring your mood down because that really doesn’t need to happen. Do the best you can and let the rest come what may.

Toxic also means deadly and I believe negative thoughts can kill us slowly, even quickly if allowed to grow ad thrive without check. Love the ones around you, whoever they may be because families take care of their own. One way to prevent thought toxicity is to love and empower those around you. For me that means my wife and kids, as well as some close friends. Learn what the things are that give you pleasure and happiness and do them. This also is an antidote for thought toxicity. Take on things that are solutions and that don’t contribute to the toxic stuff. Slowly, you’ll find you have ways to combat it.

We all have fears, not all of us are willing to take steps to conquer them.

Relax Before its Too Late

I’ve written two series now on how to relax and I’ve gained so many valuable mental images. This post is from way back in 2008. I think a lot of it is highly relevant, still.

I heard a story this week of a substitute teacher who couldn’t control her mouth. What a shame. Apparently the “F” bomb was dropped and some students when to the office to report it. Now, I am not saying kids are always angels, but they should be spared sub teachers yelling profanity at them. Teaching is a profession, not a social program. If someone is not willing to put in the creative effort to manage kids, then they shouldn’t be doing it. We should all, whether teaching or not, be inspiring to the kids in our sphere. I fully expect this teacher to experience bad results as the effects of her actions. It’s too bad in a way because subs have it pretty hard. At the same time, this teacher was a grownup and she could have chosen to calm down and not yell the expletive.

Being calm and relaxing at will is not a optional skill for life. If you can’t be calm, you will one day face the consequences for it. Whether it is through losing your job or worse yet, physical and even terminal disease. It is proven that our temperament affects our bodies and so it follows that we must always strive to have a positive temperament. The alternative? Unemployment … divorce … sickness … death. Are all these worth purging your temper?

If you treat your nerves and temperament with the same attention you would give your own child that you love, you will find you are much better equipped to enhance the world around you. If the minor tips in the series are not enough or if you just want more, I’d encourage you to seek out more knowledge. If you are a human, it will do you much good.


Accentuate the Positive

Have you noticed in your life there are some people who are always happy? Nothing gets them down and they are just great to be around? That’s how I hope to be . . . I am sure I don’t always acheive it though.

There is a lot of negative energy in this world. I have learned through hard experience not to give it my energy or attention. The next time someone says something or you read something that tends to get your gander up, just breathe and say “That’s negative energy, I have no time for it.”

When you figure we all get “80 years with luck or even less” (Pink Floyd quote) it is a bad idea to accept energy into our lives that breaks down. We need stuff that builds up in everything we let in. If negative people claim you ignore them and their thoughts, just tell them a quote someone shared with me once: “Worse things have happened at sea.” Accentuate the positive, you won’t regret it.

13 Ways I Stay Positive:

  1. Positive self talk.
  2. Compliment people around me.
  3. Practice “Possibility” thinking.
  4. Take time to order my work and living areas
  5. Consciously smiling more
  6. Movement (exercise, for example)
  7. Having real expectations
  8. Practied thankfulness (attitude of grattitude)
  9. Saying “Whatever it is I have it is enough for today.”
  10. Swim (in the warmer months) Exercise etc.
  11. Roll on the carpet and play with my kids and dog physically.
  12. Play guitar
  13. Write

Over time, accentuating the positive will become a habit. People will pick up on it and you’ll have your own diligent effort to thank.