Summer 2011 was a Time for Relaxation

Damien RileyThis has been one of my best Summers. We went to San Diego and saw the animals at Sea World do their flips for fish rewards. We took in the wonder of the Museum of Natural History and the Reuben H. Fleet Science museum. It was there we saw the IMAX images from the Hubble telescope. It was life changing. For me it is hard to look at those images and then accept that the mysteries of a god can be understood through a book. For me, that was significant.

We went to a few Orange County beaches: Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Balboa, and Newport. It was tranquil and serene watching my wife and kids laying out getting relaxed and thinking about how good we have it.

I have been able to genuinely relax this Summer, partly because I was focused on the value of that and partly because we had the money and the free time. I have been really pushing my stress levels to the limit and I need this Summer to remind myself that I can be still and foster the molecules in my body to come together and be strong again.

I’ve ordered my blogging job to where I have a schedule again. This will make me more productive. I know the type of writing I need to do and I intend to do it. Remember the value of relaxation before it’s too late. It will eventually hit through high blood pressure or shaky hands or other unwelcome malady. Take time to relax and your body will be strong to move toward your dreams.

You can see OC Beach Trip 2011 photos I‘ve shared in my album.

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