Summer Update – “Let it Flow”

Three more days of work lay ahead of me on this Monday night. The boss I have now is very organized which is a plus. He’s made the check-out process pretty much stress free. I will miss this year’s students, I taught over 100 kids math this year and their only 4th grade math teacher. They were challenging. The teachers they had in previous years all had struggles with them as well, so I know it’s not just me. Okay, I’ll say it … I am ready to try a new group! I wish them well and some I connected with more than others.

Thursday is my last day of work for the year. I will enjoy almost 2 months off work. Folks, I need it. I’ve been running on low batteries for a while.

We kick it off by using our Disneyland passes on Friday. I’m also committed to my 5 song musical project I am calling “A Supermarket in California.” I think I have a foot in the door to play the Grind sometime over the Summer as well. I’ll post a date when I know.

I look forward to getting back in touch with some of you and meeting new friends. Don’t be a stranger. I’m looking forward to the best year of teaching ever in 2010-2011 and the time off is part of that! My mantra for this Summer is: “Let it Flow.”

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