Sleep Rejuvenates the Brain

600x600brainlogoEverybody thinks about sleep but it’s rarely talked about. When I went in to see a therapist a long time ago, he was always asking at the onset of every meeting about my sleep patterns: ie; how much was I sleeping. was I having trouble sleeping. I think that’s because good sleep habits are helpful to a positive outlook and good mental health. I do pay attention to my sleep patterns. I used to have insomnia all the time. It was rare I went to bed and didn’t get up and go downstairs. Luckily for Sarah she got used to it but there was a stretch of time where it woke her up and then she couldn’t get back to sleep. The perfect couple right? It made for some nice talks in the early am hours but she didn’t like them as much as I did. All in all, I prefer sleeping through the night and I do now most every night. If I don’t I’ve learned some techniques to get me in the direction of sleep.

Breathing is so very important to getting sleepy and falling asleep. Deep breaths are really good for you. I’ve also found if I count my own pulse I trail off into slumber land. There is a lot of information online. I try and avoid sleeping pills. I’m not judging people who use them because I used to pop one or two every night years ago. They mess with you body and I think they should be used only in extreme situations. A final issue I’ll note is dreams. I don’t remember dreams like I used to as a kid and young adult but when I do remember them, they are vivid just like back then. I can remember a really vivid dream I had in my childhood where my mom was walking around a corner in a dark ornate house, kind of like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. I tried to run and catch up but she kept eluding me, even though she was moving slowly. This was an odd one. To close, sleep is magical when you do it right. It’s the time we can truly relax and rebuild ourselves. Once the brain is rejuvenated, we can wake up to the creative and innovative life we were meant to live and Go.For.It!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Sleep, Perchance to┬áDream.”

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