Shipping the Whirling Leslie

I worked with a musician once who swore his whirling leslie was the only instrument able to make his song perfect. He actually had it living on the other side of the country and in order to get it here for our band, we had to have it shipped. Why wouldn’t a Target keyboard suffice? In the end I was very glad we had it shipped but the process seemed daunting when we first started, This was Hammond B3 organ with a whiling Leslie speaker and once we found a trusted place for shipping furniture, it was the most exciting thing in the world waiting to hear him record it.

When it arrived, he was elated. Chewing his Dentyne gum he got the thing up and working and starting wailing out trills on the thing. I could finally see that his vision was correct. When I told him it might be expensive he said: “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” When the song was fully recorded, I had to say I knew and agreed with exactly what he said. What an amazing sound it had. Every time I hear that song, though the quality is not perfect, the sound of that whirling Leslie gives me the chills. Since then I have learned that with music and any art project in life, it is best to pull out all the stops and get the instruments/tools you need to do it in style. Below is one of the songs we recorded with the Leslie, in case you are interested.

Talk to Me – 1992[powerpress]

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