#ROW80 Late Goals Post With Much Ambition

Hi #ROW80 folks. I’m checking in over a month late this round … I really hope to keep it up to the end though. Here are my goals for this round. The first hashtag represents the corresponding category on my blog. It may seem like a lot of stuff but I am actually in the habit of doing it already.

    1. #postaday A Daily Post or #NaBloPoMo writing prompt daily.
    2. #Journal tumblr paper & pen journal prompt daily.
    3. #Diary daily #Blog entry.
    4. #ROW80 Checkins Wed and Sun
    5. #Blog Mama Kat’s Weekly writing prompt.
    6. #SoCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.
    7. #PhotoBlog #MySundayPhoto challenge.
    8. #PhotoBlog The Daily Post Weekly Photo challenge.

As you can see, I have my blogging laid out for me. I hope to visit a lot of your blogs and see how your doing. You support as well is much appreciated.

6 Replies to “#ROW80 Late Goals Post With Much Ambition”

  1. Why, hello there, Damien! Fancy meeting you here! =D

    As a fellow setter of a multitude of goals (diversity goes very well with an often spontaneous unschooling iife), I like that you’ve set goals you’re already in the habit of. I have a whole section of those, so that, when I get a bit consumed by writing, I don’t forget that I actually live in a house, with other people….

    May your week be joyful and productive!

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