ROW80 Challenge – Check In 5/10/2015

imageROW80 Round 2 started April 6, 2015

Checking in late on a Sunday. Here’s a report of my progress toward goals.

  1. Daily Post prompt each day. Great practice. I can’t get the full effect because for some reason my blog is not sending ping backs. This could require literally starting again and re importing my best posts. Not happy this is not working. Stay tuned. Have done it every day despite.
  2. Include UBC link on FB and Twitter link with hashtags #ROW80  #blogboost  #journaling including commenting on other people’s blogs. – This is cake.
  3. Participate in Mid-week Wednesday and End-week Sunday check-ins for ROW80. – Here I am!
  4. Write in and keep up my paper journal / Bullet Journal daily using Journal Junkie’s May Challenge prompts (and April) or research pure bullet journal ideas and try some. Make a photo post on my Tumblr with these tag options #bullet journal   #journaling   #journaling-junkie   #paperjournal   #May journaling challenge – Did this every day. Troubleshooting the pingback issue has been stealing time.
  5. Crosspost above to my blog as a photo post. – done
  6. Post image one last time directly to Twitter as a photo status with one hashtag #journaling -done

For now goals are the same. This is a cool challenge. The Bullet Journal is something I want to explore much more.

3 Replies to “ROW80 Challenge – Check In 5/10/2015”

  1. When you link back to one of my posts (for which I thank you), I’m getting a pingback. So that’s working. Remember, Blogger doesn’t do pingbacks to WordPress and I’m not sure it does to Blogger, either. What did you want to happen that isn’t?

    1. Good to know John. I started doing the Daily Post Challenge at and after doing 7 days of them and still not seeing a cool pingback screenshot a single time, I started investigating. Neither nor my host Bluehost could help.I guess I’ll quit worrying about it. It’s just one of those things you start trying to fix because it would be neat and then it becomes a needless obsession. Thanks for the reminder that my Blog Safari pingbacks are working. It’s not always easy to test pingbacks because they seem temperamental and some people just don’t enable them. I am enjoying ROW80 though, thanks John.

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