Road Stop Iced Tea vs. Grocery Store

I don’t know exactly what it is, but sometimes an over priced $1.50 Lipton Iced tea purchased at a road stop gas station tastes universes better than the same one in a six-pack bought on sale at a grocery store.

Maybe it’s because you only have one.

When you know there’s only one, you sip and savor . . . you don’t gulp. It might take about 5 minutes to drink a grocery tea as opposed to 20 or even 30 to finish your road stop one.

In my town we have a grocery store called “Food for Less.” At Food for Less there isn’t much of a selection, and the prices are dirt cheap. At the same time, we have Ralphs. Ralphs has an amazing selection but sky high prices. If I ever shop at Ralphs, it’s amazing how good the food tastes. Maybe I’m just spoiled, with a silver spoon in my mouth or something, but I swear it’s true! For me anyway.

That’s probably why I shop at Stater Bros., which is a happy medium between the two.

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  1. I gave up grocery store ice tea a while back, and make it fresh from home one glass at a time. And, it’s a treat so only with my lunch. The rest of the day, it’s agua!

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