Rileys’ Summer Vacation and Once a Month Cooking

It’s been a great summer vacation full of fun and easy healthy recipes. The highlight so far has been our trip to lake Isabella. It was great weather and the swimming, boating and “vegging out” was definitely right up my alley. We’ve been eating out a lot which has been nice but it has caused Sarah to “think outside the box” regarding our expenses. She’s come up with a plan where she cooks all our freezer meals twice a month. She thinks it will save us a lot of money each month. If it does, that will be awesome. Like everyone, we are struggling in this recession but we are not doing as bad as many we know. Thanks to God for that. I do think this is a time when we should be learning new “grooves” that are not as expensive. It will be awesome to eat food together she has cooked way in advance. I think she said it will be $8-9 for these fast meals (as opposed to $8-12 a plate!).

It does seem a lot of expensive bills and emergencies keep coming our way. The most notable has been the pool pump. It got fried last week and the home warranty wouldn’t cover it. It turned out to not be as expensive as I had thought (I feared 2-3k) but it is still substantial. I keep telling my wife these “tests” are all for a reason. I really believe that. Like the “old indian,” I have seen more sunsets than her so I am going to assume in this situation I may have some wisdom to chill the family out.

All in all, I have no complaints. The kids are growing just like God planned and Sarah is achieving all her work and college goals. We have another week before I go back to work and I think it’s gonna be my best teaching year ever. (Too bad there aren’t freezer meals for lesson plans!)

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