Relax Before its Too Late

I’ve written two series now on how to relax and I’ve gained so many valuable mental images. This post is from way back in 2008. I think a lot of it is highly relevant, still.

I heard a story this week of a substitute teacher who couldn’t control her mouth. What a shame. Apparently the “F” bomb was dropped and some students when to the office to report it. Now, I am not saying kids are always angels, but they should be spared sub teachers yelling profanity at them. Teaching is a profession, not a social program. If someone is not willing to put in the creative effort to manage kids, then they shouldn’t be doing it. We should all, whether teaching or not, be inspiring to the kids in our sphere. I fully expect this teacher to experience bad results as the effects of her actions. It’s too bad in a way because subs have it pretty hard. At the same time, this teacher was a grownup and she could have chosen to calm down and not yell the expletive.

Being calm and relaxing at will is not a optional skill for life. If you can’t be calm, you will one day face the consequences for it. Whether it is through losing your job or worse yet, physical and even terminal disease. It is proven that our temperament affects our bodies and so it follows that we must always strive to have a positive temperament. The alternative? Unemployment … divorce … sickness … death. Are all these worth purging your temper?

If you treat your nerves and temperament with the same attention you would give your own child that you love, you will find you are much better equipped to enhance the world around you. If the minor tips in the series are not enough or if you just want more, I’d encourage you to seek out more knowledge. If you are a human, it will do you much good.


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  3. Once I overheard my daughter and her friends talking and they were saying how cool Mr. T thinks he is because he drops F-Bombs all the time. WHAT? I asked if it was in anger or just in regular conversation and teaching and I learned it was the latter. Ummmmmmmmm, no! I asked to meet with the teacher (and I was nice) and asked him if this was true. At first he denied it, but when he knew I knew better, he told me that the word does appear in literature. Ok, if it’s in the literature the kids are studying, fine, but just dropping f-bombs on a bunch of 7th graders in unacceptable.

    We had one other teacher who was new to teaching completely lose it in a classroom one day, too. She got so angry at the kids she starting throwing books and ripping posters off the walls. She only lasted that one year. I don’t know what she’s doing now.

    Not every job is for everyone. Since you’ve been writing these articles, I am reminded to try to think more positively and not dwell on things that annoy, irritate or anger me. I’m trying!

    Jessica The Rock Chicks last blog post..Shapes Of Insanity

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  8. Mom taught for 37 years and said that’s the biggest challenge for new teachers, knowing how to control a classroom without losing it. Mom only really lost it once, and ended up spraining a vocal chord and being unable to talk for a week.

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