Puppeteers – Unsung Heroes of Sesame Street

I love a good puppet show. In fact, at my first birthday party I am told there was a puppet show there. It makes sense because I always stop for one be it along Venice Beach or when I am watching children’s television like PBSkids with my daughters. Probably the best puppeteer I have ever seen on video is Senor Wences. After that, every muppet on Sesame Street runs a close second. Check out this video, it’s “Erinie” for gosh sakes, of Ernie and Bert. I looked up a skit my daughter was watching on Sesame Street today and found this diamond in the rough Youtube video. It is Ernie playing the rhyming game but the cameras go “behind the scenes” where you can see the puppeteers. You even see their mistakes and re-takes. Watch for the classic moment when Ernie’s puppeteers misses his line and exclaims, “Oh crap!” Note: you can barely hear it but make sure you preview the video before showing it to your kids. When I grow up, I wanna be a puppeteer. They are masters of illusion for people of all ages. And if you think it doesn’t require skill, try it at your kid’s next birthday party.

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  1. Hi Damien,
    I saw your guest post through Potpolitics and it was great that you’ve had a chance for a spot.

    You have mentioned 9rules and admittedly it wasn’t that elite if you think it is. I’ve checked some blogs there and it’s awful to know that there are splogs and hardly even known blogs that doesn’t even rank well on Alexa. Your blog is way much better than those in their list.

    Re: this post, I pretty much dig Sesame Street puppets and puppeteers but other than those characters make me feel uncomfortable as it reminds me of some horror flick.

  2. @Matt: Thanks so much man. 9Rules rejected me twice. I even interviewed one of their founders Mike Rundle on my site and not so much as a kind email saying why not. It doesn’t matter to me now but at the time I almost threw my laptop through a window over it. I worked really hard to get in. Thank you for that really cool encouragement!

    Sesame Street is my childhood so I have no freaky associations. I am looking forward to seeing Where the Wild Thigs are next weekend which was made using “muppets” like the ones in this video. You rock Matt, keep in touch if you can. Let me know how I can help you out.

  3. I love Sesame Street also. I always felt like I was having fun learning, but I guess that’s the whole point, eh?

    I never knew how the show was made, though. It seems like a whole lot of work, what will all that rehearsing and all. I also didn’t know that it takes two people per character for any kind of real story.

    My favorite was always the Count. I blame him for my love of math.

    Thanks for finding this vid.

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