Puppeteer Blogger vs. Puppet

This post is for bloggers who want to be different and break away from the trappings of “what everyone else does.” Every time a blogger logs on to his/her computer, he/she looks for stimulus. This can be through Facebook or Twitter or most recently, Google Plus. This can also come from emails or notifications from a service one subscribes to. All too often these external stimuli only serve to sap energy and distract from the artistry and professionalism that is blogging. What do you do when no one has replied? How about when your peers have tons more followers than you. Do you get discouraged? If the external stimuli is your motivation then definitely you do. You become downright depressed. Because external stimuli is a bad indicator of success and a poor navigator to the future, a blogger should make effort to BE external stimuli. By this I mean: Start conversations, create content of value to readers, comment on quality blogs, and add to the web in your own special way. Blogging might be compared to puppetry. If you rely on externals to motivate and guide you, you are a puppet. On the other hand, if you aim to create content that will affect people, you are running the show and you are the puppeteer.

As you create your task list, pay attention to how much you are channeling external stimuli as opposed to creating your own, meant to affect people. Anyone can set up a blog these days. Many can make it look good. But that is only a shell. The rubber meets the road when you can sit down comfortably and write something of value for someone else. If you can do that, you should do it. Then, translate that “creative” energy into your social networks. I can guarantee you if you are thinking about adding value, your work will be better than 90% of what’s out there. The social networks and “free” services want you to give them traffic. If you visit Facebook and other social media more than twice a day, you are padding their pockets. Not only that but you’ll probably log out somewhat discouraged. The chances are not in your favor you’ll become a hit there.

In short, try to avoid being a puppet blogger who hopes for a high email and comment count. Instead, you’ll have a better chance getting these things and more if you pull the strings and act more as a puppeteer blogger.

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