Prioritizing Rest

This is more of a philosophical, stream-of-consciousness post than I usual write so bear with me. I think the message is a good one. It is such a privilege to be a human in 2011. I treasure every moment I have in this existence. I have learned about so many things up to now and I am hungry to learn more. I want to experience what I can in this life and listen to others’ experiences through art like reading and cinema. Of course, the good old fashioned listening to people that I come in contact with is a great approach to life as I see it. I am a human having a mortal experience. I am dedicated to valuing people as a priority. All these things I have mentioned are so important to my life mission. It is important to note they happen best when I practice relaxation and get rest.

Rest and relaxation keep my mind clear and focused. When I am rested I am more efficient at loving. It benefits my wife, my kids and my career. Everyone I come in contact with benefits to some degree when I have taken the time to find peace in rest and relaxation. So, how do I get to that place? By looking for it. I can think of many places in my life when I would make material pursuits my motivation. I failed to stop and smell the roses. Those times were damaging to my peace and I think I am less now because of those times. If I would have been like the wise man, taking his mental and physical health seriously, I would be more rested and effective today. It is never too late to start.

These days I worry less about eternal sepulchers and more about the privilege of being down here in the dirt. There is lots to do while we are here. If we take the time to restore or minds and bodies through rest, we can have more clarity and presence of mind. To me the most important thing these days is to treasure every moment as if it was holy, because every moment we have here as a mortal is indeed holy.

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