Using Positive Words at Home

As they say, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Still, they do … in fact they can cut to the bone. I used to call my 2 sisters all kinds of names as a young boy. What is it about kids? Why are they so hell bent on being mean? I know I wasn’t unique because the kids in my 4th grade class utter all kinds of mean stuff on a weekly basis to one another. I have them practice saying “positives” to one another but it isn’t easy for them. It seems to go against the very grain of their being sometimes. Before I talk about what I’m doing at home, here’s a recommended link for you:

At home or at work, a safer box cutter is available. Why put yourself at risk with the old school ones that don’t even cut as well?

Now back to my house: I haven’t thought of rewarding positives at home with my family, but yesterday my wife got a great idea. We have been talking negatively at home more than we should and my wife picked up on it and made a plan to solve it. She put a box on the kitchen counter and a set of post-its. Whenever one of us says something negative, the other writes their initial on a post it and puts it in the box. At the end of each week you count the slips and whoever has the most makes dinner. Sound positive?

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