Podcast ‘Talking Stars Episode Two – 1980s Steven Spielberg’ I am co-Host

indysnakeI have enjoyed recording the first few episodes of ‘Talking Stars’ with Darren Lucas. Every time we record one, I get a college education on what works and what I can do better in podcasting. I hope you enjoy our 2nd podcast in this season (S01 E02) where Darren and I discuss Spielberg Movies of the 1980s.

Show description by Darren Lucas of Movie Reviews 101: “Talking Stars is a new show Damien Riley and Myself are working on, this is the second episode where we talk about the films of Steven Spielberg from the 1980s.”

We are trying to get other cinephiles and movie reviewers to appear on the show as guests. If you are interested, drop Darren or myself a line.

Darren Lucas of ‘Movie Reviews 101‘ and Damien Riley of ‘Riley on Film‘ co-host the new podcast ‘Talking Stars’

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