Plan to Do What You Can, and No More

As a blogger I have made many many “plans” and agendas to get through my work. I have found success in doing so at times as well as frustration and despair at other times when I have not lived up to my goals for myself. When you get around to wanting success with your blogging, I think the best thing you can do is create a “doable” daily grind list. Make sure it is “doable.” Currently I have been utilizing the Firefox toolbar feature to make shortcuts to the online work I hope to do. I give each planned daily task a time estimate and I force myself to do each item. I say “force myself” only because I know my tasks are worth something if done each day and I know they are well within my ability to perform. If you can’t meet your goals, don’t beat yourself up either. I once told someone n that sort of situation: “If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.”

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