Permanence in Change

We keep trying to make things fit into our perfect world. Haven’t we lived long enough to see change always happens? You have the now, make it work for you. If you can, get comfortable in it. It’s like your space car to travel through time in. But to hang on to the now and expect the future to be the same is insanity. Such a paradox.

You can’t keep what once was, but you can smile because it happened. (borrowed heavily from Dr. Seuss) Be comfortable with the flow of change, the permanence of change. Be elated at times as you travel that lonesome highway. That’s your deal man, the last fair deal going down.

I am emotional tonight because someone I have worked with for 15 years is retiring. So I wrote something here. The blog has been my therapy at times for many many years. And, in case some of you didn’t know, I can think and write a bit like a hippie sometimes. Here’s a lovely Alarm song to brighten your day.

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