Peace Like a River Flows – The making of …

Since this is a recent song of mine that was actually mentioned by a blog friend in Vancouver on Facebook (without my prompting), it could be a keeper that others might like. That’s why I’m going to attempt to record it on a good friend’s nice equipment.

I’m supposed to record this at my friend’s house tomorrow (no pressure on the friend) so I’m reposting for posterity’s sake, the “making of” if you will. I haven’t recorded on something other than my iphone for about a year so it should be interesting. It’s a very good friend!!!

I completely bailed on my lyrics in this one. It would be easier to teach people at a bonfire with this one. Nonetheless, the lyrics are sound and they really came around (rhyme?) So check below for how they REALLY go.

Peace Like a River Flows
Key of E
Style: Lively Spiritual, Beach Bonfire, Campfire, Singalong, Camp Song

Peace Like a River Flows

Don’t everybody know
A (A7)
That we’re talk bout peace
flowin over the stones
(As cold as a stone)
(through hearth and home)
(by our love that is shown)
B7 E
And peace like a river flows
G# A
Hello lonely road
G# F#
That you have to hoe
E B7 E E7
There is peace oh to get you home
G# A
When all the people go
G# F#
You only know what you know
A B7
And I know
peace like a river flows

Here’s the first version. A lot stiffer but I got the words right.

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