Going to the park with my kids is a little like Disneyland only you aren’t quite as exhausted when you get home. The playground is the ride and kids explore it freely. My daughters are still reticent about the big slide but they end up going down it after much forethought and consideration.

My 12 year old tags along to ride his Ripstik, play a little basketball and to do some relaxing under the trees. In between taking the girls to the jungle gym and pushing them on the swing, we all take some time laying under the trees. My youngest, Julianna, is in her element at the park. She loves the picnic style lunch we usually have. And it’s so fun to watch her enjoying herself as she runs around.

And then there is my “love-hate” relationship with the ice cream truck. I used to never have cash to buy the girls something but their pouty faces got the better of me and now I try to always leave the house with a couple bucks. When Bella, my oldest girl at 5, sees that ice cream truck, it’s a foregone conclusion that we are heading over to pick something wonderful and cold out to buy and eat. All three of my kids have such playful spirits and I am grateful for that. I know I’ll always treasure these family memories at the park.

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