The End of Racism Begins on Your Street

 I just read a little about this rioting in Baltimore. It’s upsetting. Whatever happened to talking things out and hearing how the other side feels? I remember a book laying around my house when I was a kid. It said “Free to be You and Me.” That was so 70’s. Why hasn’t that evolved? Why … Continue reading The End of Racism Begins on Your Street

The Babadook

Possession horror is a category that’s been around for a long time, at least since the 70’s when “Damien the Omen” became a household word. I’ve noticed a comeback recently in these films and I’m really not impressed by it. I have to respect the majority though and these films do very well at the … Continue reading The Babadook


   I don’t know what it is about me but I thrive on not working, swimming, and going fun places. The Summer allows me to do all that stuff. My Summer is coming soon, 33 school days to be exact. I’ve started since Cgrustmas do be regular at my writing habit. Since then I’ve added … Continue reading Shameless

Blog Safari 4-23-2015

These are some amazing blog posts by other people I read last week. Check them out! The Art of Making Hard Choices The Art of Making Hard Choices. A very healthy and good post that asks the question, “Who do you want to be?” instead of “How easy can you make this.” Read this one. … Continue reading Blog Safari 4-23-2015

Should You Value Higher Education?

Today’s ramble is an audioblog post on college. Higher education has increased my wife and I’s standard of living immensely. This post was published first as Should You Value Higher Education? on Damien at the Speed of Life.

Ifttt is a Nifty Blogging and Social Media Tool

I’m not sure what this company is doing with their name but it’s a shame they are changing horses midstream so to speak. is their url to the device I am writing about today and they offer an amazing service! It is valuable to bloggers as well as social media users. Some might remember … Continue reading Ifttt is a Nifty Blogging and Social Media Tool