Only an Act of God Could Stop Them

121342Three guys walk into a bar, one pulls a gun on the other two and they follow suit, “What do you think you’re doing clearing out of town with my money!” One of them says with gun drawn.

“What the heck do you mean, you took the money sack in the last town, and I aim to get it back!” A second one says. The third is the deputy and he is obviously alarmed by what is transpiring so he orders both of them to drop their weapons. They of course do not.

“Throw down your weapons I tell you in the name of the law!” The deputy by now is pretty visibly upset. The two men explain with the whole bar watching stunned that they aim to kill each other if they have to but one is lying. They say they’re gonna have a draw at noon, when the cuckoo clock strikes. After a long long shouting match, the bartender walked out and said,

“Okay, so you’re gonna kill each other … fine. Before you do it, let me get the crucifix statue off this here shelf so the Lord can maybe throw a miracle down here. He lifted the heavy statue off the shelf next to the clock. The story ends with the two men witnessing what they thought was a miracle. They put their guns away and walk out dazed by what they feel is the Lord’s hand. This is loosely based on an Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode I watched yesterday. You’ll have to check it out yourself to see how it ends. It’s streaming on Netflix. Thanks to John Holton for reminding me of this Hitchcock show. In some ways I like it better than the Twilight Zone.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fill In the┬áBlank.”

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  1. Hitchcock’s show is great. Not only do you get fantastic stories written by some of the best short story writers of the time heck, all time), you get his interstitials. He was a very, very funny man. His appearances with Johnny Carson were some of the best interviews Johnny did.

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