#onlinediary – Riley Central 2016-01-07 21:18:24

Taken from the Mall of Victor Valley parking lot about 6pm.

Sometimes the cold day forces you to stop, Not to get warm but rather to respect the beauty of the cold weather. I thought we were getting rain all week but it seems the forecast has changed to just cold cloudy weather. I love the rain and we sure need more of it in California but we won’t be getting it this week so I’ll be freezing for no rain payoff.

It’s a short one tonight. I’m looking forward to blogging from Starbucks this weekend though. I’ll probably have a lot to say then. My fireplace grate comes tomorrow and my backup laptop battery came via UPS today. I’m feeling like it’s Christmas all over again. It was a rough week at work but I learn to cope. The kids need me like the sick in the hospital need the doc. I’m preparing them for 5th grade and life. That’s an exciting idea to me, it motivates me. Just the same, breaks are so appreciated 😉