Online Diary: ‘The Halloween Night an Evil Clown Scared the Bojangles out of my Daughter’

I love my 9 year old so much. She’s the last of 3, the “baby” if-you-will in our family. Seriously though, wouldn’t this guy freak you out? We turned the corner onto a lively cul-de-sac and there he was, growling at her.
Damien Riley Scary Halloween MaskHe was indeed scary but to his credit he walked up to her and took his mask off to try and calm her down. She wanted no part of that either. When Julianna clutches to me, she gets a lock grip. I actually got marks on my arm when we saw a scary movie with her once. She’s a tough kid but when she gets scared, she runs to daddy like a lightning bolt.

We walked by a few other garage haunted houses that night, but I didn’t force her to partake much. She was 7 that year, now she’s 9. I don’t know how much she’ll get scared when we go out trick or treating. My other daughter Isabella next to her (with the red eyes LOL) isn’t as scared. She’s a couple years older, mind you. Maybe this year, the little one will get it that being scared is kind of fun.

Sometimes though when I look at this photo I have to ask myself: “Why do I subject my kids to this?” Stay tuned for a Halloween photoblog when we go out yet again on Halloween night. You got any stories? Do share!

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  1. Great post.

    My youngest one went with her sisters to the city library which had been converted to a haunted house for the holiday. She was five and so so frightened she shut the entire program down for a few minutes.

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