Online Diary: ‘Settling in the Grooves’

Both on my podcast and at work I feel myself settling in and getting the hang of it. That’s a good thing because those who don’t know the ropes usually get hung up in them. I suppose aging has its benefits, you start to figure out how to do stuff. But then, you’re older …

I think an ideal life continues to settle in and gain mastery until you just can’t do it anymore due to physical breakdown in aging. I suppose I’m on that road but a long long ways from now (fingers crossed). I’m currently 47 years old.

First, the podcast. Mine is called ‘Talking Stars.’ I share it with 3 other blog film critics. It’s really been becoming more natural the past few weeks. When we started, it was just myself and another guy and I really didn’t know how to plan or host or do so many things I know how to now. It feels natural because we’ve brought two ladies onto the team. One is a film music expert with a LOT of followers. Another is a 17 year old Twitter Dynamo. They both add tons to what we’re doing.

October is “Halloween Month” and we have tentatively scheduled a lot of scary type movie review shows. Our next one in Saturday and we’ll be discussing Halloween remakes. I’m discussing the film Halloween and it’s remake/reimagining. The other three are all bringing their personal choices as well. It’s destined to be great. I feel so much more confident than I did when I started. That confidence comes through the. We are on our 15th episode and going strong.

My lunch breaks have become a true haven for me. I sit and scroll through my Twitter feed ¬†and my RSS feeds. It’s a little escape though I don’t feel particularly stressed lately. Work is work you know? I’m discovering so many amazing movie fans and blog film critics on Twitter. At last count, over 1,000 were following me too. That’s a great feeling.

You can see in the photo my Swedish Meatball microwave lunch. It was tasty. For many years I didn’t plan for lunch. I’m run over to the gas station and get junk food. Nowadays, I am watching my blood sugars, my cholesterol, my caffeine, and the like, it’s helpful to set up a lunch at home. It actually gives me more time to do what I want over lunch which is much appreciated. My lunches only last 35 minutes so grab and go or microwave is all I have time for.

I’m spending a lot more time writing movie related posts. My apologies to those who read my person online diary posts. I’m trying to find a balance. For the time being however, I am cross posting all my work from Riley on Film to Riley Central. So, if you stay tuned here, you won’t miss a thing.

There’s much more to say. Sarah and I are going to paint tonight at the Purple Easel. I’ll write a post on it with photos. Like cooking, it’s an intimate thing one can do with ones significant other to get close and have shared experiences. Those are the life blood of any relationship.

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