Online Diary: ‘More On My Podcasting Adventures’

This is a photo of me in the spot where I do my recording of Talking Stars.

It used to be only the frozen chosen where podcasters. Nowadays, everybody and their brother is doing it. It can be a lot of fun but there’s a lot more to doing it than meets the eye. A little bit on the history: the word “podcast” is a bit outdated and a misnomer now. Podcasts used to be audio enclosures that could be downloaded onto an ipod. This was before the iphone came out even. Subscribers would “sync” their ipods at home every day and the episodes of their subbed podcasts would roll right in. Then, in their busy day they would take a break to listen to their subbed podcasts in effect making them smarter and more attuned with life, if not just entertained.

Now, there are celebrity podcasters who don’t produce an itunes podcast, they just offer files from websites for downloads. Most prestigious podcasters offer itunes and regular raw file downloads. Some video podcasters just offer a Youtube channel to their readers and they are usually called “Vloggers.” Before the Summer, I answered a call for someone wanting to podcast. It was a blogger I had been reading and the podcast would be about movies. We went for a few episodes and found we liked it. We recorded podcasts over the Summer and we have some planned even now in the not so far off future. He came of with the name “Talking Stars” and it seemed to fit. We’ve been having a blast doing it and I hope it continues. You can listen to our podcast at:¬†We have a link there to itunes in the sidebar. I’m exploring my own podcasting as well. You’ll find new episodes of “The Damien Riley Podcast” announced here when they are published.

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