Online Diary Entry – 7/11/2017 – The DRP and Breaks

Scents have a hedonic component that can bring back volumes of memories in one accidental whiff. The other day I smelled something in an old drawer that reminded me of hotels and I set things in motion to take a vacation. It’s my belief that I will not do anything of value unless I have a clear mind, rested via vacation and doing nothing. Until the first week of August, that’s what I’m doing for myself.

Probably the coolest thing I’ve developed this Summer has been my podcast, the DRP. It stands for “The Damien Riley Podcast.” On it, I review movies and share bits of my online diary. This is a combination of using my podcasting skills along with my daily writing/blogging skills. I read my favorite posts into a file and add intro/outro music. So far, these short little podcasts are doing quite well, some weeks having well over 100 listens and downloads from itunes and Podomatic. This sort of thing has to evolve and is impossible to invent while I am working hard in my contract year as a teacher. I will probably be able to keep it going though because I have organized it to be so simple.

You can hear how it’s coming along at

What have you been up to?

Damien Scott

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