Online Diary 10/18/2016 – ‘Use Your Illusion’

The little things become what life was, looking back, when we’re older. I try to escape the idea of nothingness and death by keeping this little online diary. I imagine one day I’ll sit somewhere in a big puffy leather chair with my coffee or other hot beverage and all this crap I typed will make me smile. (Don’t step on my illusion please. It’s working for me)

“Learn what is to be taken seriously and laugh at the rest.” — Herman Hesse
“Learn what is to be taken seriously and laugh at the rest.” — Herman Hesse

To quote Sausage Party, “A Hero will rise.” It looks like it won’t be Trump. He is a tiny person. I have never lost so much respect for someone than I have of him in the past weeks. And, contrary to his paranoid beliefs, it isn’t because of a biased media, it’s because of him. November 9th can’t get here soon enough for me. I’ve just voted by mail.

The ‘Talking Stars Podcast‘ has been happening every weekend. I never planned on that. It’s been fun but this weekend is a weekend off. The fruits of our labors allow us to do that. We are on the verge of recording our 20th episode! Too cool, I am excited about that. This podcast is all about movies. If you review movies on your blog or you are in movies in any capacity, you may want to be on our show. It’s a little publicity and fun, in my opinion. Contact me at

I’m cutting way back on coffee. Health reasons. I even started drinking instant because it’s way less caffeinated than Starbucks. It’s hard some days but I like getting through a day knowing it has no hold on me. It’s been a great couple of weeks since my last online diary entry. Hope you’re doing well too. Please leave me a comment, I don’t get enough of those. Would love to hear someone chime in and say hello: I dare you 😉


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