One Thing I’ll Always Volunteer for: Making the Coffee

groundsWhen visiting other people’s houses, I’ll always volunteer to make the coffee. I worked in a coffee-house years back and so I know all the secrets of the trade, like drink recipes and definitions.

In the mornings here at home, it’s almost always my “volunteer” job to make the coffee, and I love to do it. How do I make it you may ask? Well, usually with a French Press. We always have Starbucks grounds on hand. I use about 4 tablespoons of coffee and very hot distilled water. My wife makes hers with the brew: Coffee Mate French Vanilla and Truvia (I could be wrong, she’s always changing sweeteners).

img_0859I drink mine black. I’ve been cutting down on caffeine every once in a while I cut it with hot water. Instant also has less caffeine. It tastes heavenly. I’ve volunteered to make coffee on camping trips, at work, in hotels, and at training meetings. I never mind doing it. The song goes: “I’d like to buy the world a coke” but in my case my song should have coffee where coke is. It’s a great wake-me-up. If we were having coffee, I’d volunteer to make you one now.

teachingThings are going great this week. I’m finished with 1/2 of my parent conferences (I’m a 4th grade teacher). It’s always so enlightening to talk with parents that come in. Some have a lot of entitlement attitudes and other are so gracious and open to learning. You just never know what’s going to walk through that door.

true-detective-season-1-episode-7I really enjoyed Season 1 of True Detective last week. Season 2 is pretty good so far, I’m on episode 2. Last night I saw Nine Lives at the dollar theater with my daughter Julianna. It wasn’t bad! I was pleasantly surprised. For a kid cat movie I’d be close to recommending it. It feels good now to be in the “no-work” for the weekend. Someone at work will put in a memo or email “I hope you all are rested from your weekend.” I hate that. To that person I say: ‘Don’t even mention things about my weekend. It’s mine. You may “own me” M-F but when I leave I’m gone and you aren’t invited.’ Anyone else feel like that? I dunno.

Ok, rant over. How are you (pours coffee)?



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