Patch of Orange Groves

A journal entry from January 2, 2007.

I left the High Desert for a while today. Wife and I took the kids to Disneyland and it was really great. The main point of this trip was to get my son on a scary roller coaster (California Screamin’). He’s 8 going on 30 and walks around acting like he’s the smartest, toughest kid around. That’s why I was astonished that he refused to go on it.

We spent time on kiddie rides, and even Space Mountain (which I coaxed him kicking and screaming to go on last trip) but he maintained a nervousness about that whiteroller coaster over at California Adventure.

I finally forced him to go on it, and now of course . . . it’s his favorite ride in the world!

My baby girl loved “A Bug’s Life” and “Snow White.” Because we have annual passes, we didn’t stay that long. It was WICKEDLY crowded. If you know what fast passes are, we checked the fastpass return time for “Space Mountain” at 11am and it was 7:30pm!!! All the ride lines were about an hour. This isn’t too bad, you talk in line, it’s cool in an old fashioned way. Plus people hear you talk and comment and you meet new friends who you never see again once they get on the ride away from you. All the rides were cool. My favorite was “Soarin’ Over California.” I love the part where you fly over the Orange Groves. You can almost smell the citrus as you soar like a hang-glider.

The drive down the hill to Anaheim (about 1 1/2 hours from where we’re at), the familiar OC freeways, the park, and dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack made me realize how fortunateI am to have been brought up in Orange County. I miss it sometimes. The average house is probably worth about 750K to 1 mil. That tends to keep me in the High Desert. It all used to be an Orange Grove once upon a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

Many years later, my family and I sure appreciate what one man’s dream (Walt Disney) did with a patch of those orange groves.

Thanks Walt.

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  1. Right On ! Anaheim 1956 to 1975, Wrightwood 1976 to 2005, Now Newport (Oregon) . Disneyland was in the back yard and the fireworks were over head . Our 3bdr ,2ba and den with orange & avacado trees in the back yard was $12k new .I do miss it so , but it’s not the same now . Luckly I have the memories .
    Wildcats Always ! Wm Mortimer , WSP/ASD Class of “04”

  2. When I was a kid Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, etc. freaked me out – now I love those things.
    I lived in Newport Beach for sometime, nice area – too bad the people who live there now are weird.

  3. We’re planning on a trip to Disneyland as well! Hopefully I don’t pay through my nose for it :). Thanks for the lovely memories — my first visit was at 12 yo since I grew up in a different country…. The kids are beautiful!

  4. All the times I’ve been there, I still haven’t been on California Screamin. I need to utilize one of the parent passes where they let only make one parent wait in the line while the other hangs out with the kids.

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