Slow Down and Think: One Day, One Thing

The possibility thinker often has to “self discipline” ones thought boundaries. This can be difficult, especially when there are SO many things that need attention.

Life bombards you with stuff. At any given moment the average person has a barrage of tasks and events hanging over ones head. It is very true with teaching and certainly true in leading a family. I have had days at work where I’ve been so overwhelmed by my schedule that I had to sit and collect my dizzy thoughts. Not many mind you, but I have had them. Most of the time I seem perched on the edge of these moments.

With so many forces vying for our attention, what should we focus on?

This is a personal question that each person must answer for her/himself. I have found that when it is really “thick” with tasks, events, and demands on your wit, candor, and time it is best to try and focus on JUST ONE THING each day. Think about it, no matter how beaten down you may be by stress, fatigue or even sickness you can usually handle doing ONE FOCUSED thing. I think a lot of people would say to this: “One thing? I WISH! Are you crazy? I’d get fired!” I would respond to that objection by stating that one thing is better than nothing, and when you are overwhelmed, nothing is usually the one thing that you do get done.

I would rather have ONE thing done well than get ten done in a shotty way.

The reality is that limiting yourself to just the one goal will take a lot of stress off you and make you mentally stronger. At the same time, you know while you are going through your “low” that you are getting at least one quality thing doen every day, and that’s a lot more than most people can say who THINK they are being productive. It shouldn’t last though because your pride in that daily goal you achieve will feed your personality and make you mentally stronger.

You will start to desire more challenges.

Eventually you will have more motivation than time in the day. I am of course speaking in metaphor when I write “one thing.” The point is this: When the heat turns up in the kitchen, scale down the meal. Your time to cook the feast will come, but only if you care for the chef!!! I wrote an elaborate tale a while back about the resting lumberjack that relates well to this post, if you have the time.

Your Turn:

How do YOU deal with feelings of being overwhelmed? Do you use any strategies to simplify your life? This is a very interesting topic to me, what’s your take on it?

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  1. Hi Damien!

    Well, recently, I was finding dinner overwhelming. The four kids all have some kind of practice, game or work every day and they were coming home at different hours and it was getting crazy. On top of that, trying to even choose a dinner was getting unbelievable. One won’t eat pork, one will only eat chicken, two don’t like beef, or this or that and I can’t stand pasta. The entire first week of school I found myself hitting like every drive thru in the area several times a day…not healthy!!!!!

    The hubby and I planned out a bunch of meals, cooked roasts, turkeys, chicken fajitas, spaghetti, different potatoes, vegetables, etc—-all kinds of stuff and froze them in individual portions in seal a meal bags. Now everyone has a huge choice for a healthy dinner and they can pick what they want. Everything is ready faster than I can get back and forth thru a drive-thru, too! Yes, it was a lot of planning and a lot of cooking, but now we cook a few things on the weekends to replenish the freezer and it’s working out so well!

    I can’t tell you how changing one thing that is really annoying you sometimes can make a big difference in everything else….


  2. I can relate. We are challenged in a lesser way (we only have three kids under 10) by the “dinner” giant. We use our creativity and wherewithal to forge through it. Since I started battling the high blood pressure it’s gotten more difficult because the healthier foods are sometimes more expensive and a little more difficult to plan and prepare. Sarah’s been great and she really has a knack for keeping everybody happy! I can’t imagine life with teens. I guess I better start soon!

  3. well, i must have felt real overwhelmed last year when you wrote that post, that’s why i’m here over a year later 🙂

    overwhelm is a big, nasty monster in my life and i’m happy that for now, it’s snoring somewhere in a dark corner. what has changed? i think i focus more on what’s in front of me, and try my best to realize that very little is actually so important that it can’t wait a while. that also frees me to be there when there IS an emergency.

    isabella moris last blog post..11 things i learned at millionaire mind intensive

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