Nowhere Man (Beatles Cover)

A garage song today. This is me strumming out my rendition of the Beatles’ legendary tune. Such a great song. It’s really about the individual and self analysis, not judgment of others. I use as my support for that the line that reads “Isn’t he a bit like you and me.” We point fingers and it’s really we who are the nowhere man. We are “here” he is “there” but in the truth of this song we are both here and there, as is he. When we think of the nowhere man, we are imagining the “other.”

In truth, we are the other along with the whole human race. When something is familiar, it must be unfamiliar to someone else. I love this song for that reason. We should accept “illegal aliens” the same way we do citizens of the US especially the children who are brought over. I think of that application when I hear and play this song. Compassion is in short supply these days regarding the border. There are other applications … I’d love to hear yours. If you play music, why not make a recording and link to it here. Be nowhere man today, it’s broadening. There’s a lot to gain in imagining things, whether conservative or liberal.

p.s. I’ve heard I should make this note: This is one of my favorite Beatles songs. I did not write it and I do not own the copyright. No plagiarism intended.

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