No One to Blame

Damien Riley Open Mic
I played lots of open mics like this in my 20’s. It was a rush to share songs I had written.

I always hate when somebody asks about my childhood because I want to say how hard I had it and blame my parents etc, but I can’t. The truth is, I had a Disney childhood. My parents did an amazing job, they were well-rounded with discipline and a “let it be” attitude. I was encouraged to pursue my interests and I did. I was supported in doing them. I have no regrets for my childhood. My teen and young adult years were a but more messy but I have no one to blame for that but myself. It would have been a nice experiment to put all the musical equipment and instruments in my hand that I could hand at about age 14-15. I was beginning really master the guitar and other instruments at that point might have opened other doors the guitar didn’t. Nonetheless, I’ve written a peacock spread of music on the guitar and used it at my job and sharing online with fans and other musicians. It’s been a blast playing guitar.

That raises my question: “Do musicians make it big because they got everything they needed from their parents, including moral support, or will true talent rise up and make it no matter what the obstacles? I tend toward believing the latter. I I want to be known for something I ought to be doing it. I stopped playing in bands because it wasn’t paying the rent. What if I had parents that paid my rent? Would that cause me to be a better musican and get better shows? Or … would it just make me more complacent and lazy and stay with my parents supporting me way too long. I have seen this happen time and again. Anyway, I went into teaching and while tough at times, it fits me. I went out into the world on my own and decided that path for myself. I think ultimately the best parents can do is set their child up for success which is making her/his own decisions in life. My parents weren’t perfect but that’s how I live my life now so they did something right with me. I am a very happy guy.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Childhood Revisited.”

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